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Should I Purchase A Single-Family Home?

When I talk to my younger clients, one question comes up over and over: should I buy a single-family home or a condo?   The path to Real Estate success involves turning some conventional wisdom on its head. One area that can require reassessment is home-ownership, especially for younger investors who may not have as much […]

Do’s and Don’t of Selecting an Agent

Template for Selecting Your Agent In summary, a broker—the right broker—can add value. You need to be careful about how to choose one. The main qualifications should be unscrupulous ethics and familiarity with investment properties. Here’s how to run interviews to find the perfect broker for your investment deals.  Do Have them do a building […]

How to Manage Contractors When Investing in Real Estate

Who doesn’t have a horror story about dealing with contractors? Getting gouged by greedy and incompetent construction men is almost a right of passage for investors. The Mason From Hell  My top debacle happened shortly after I closed on my third property. It was early in my Real Estate career and cash was tight. The […]